Yamaha DGX 660

Digital pianos have become increasingly popular in recent years with modules such as Yamaha’s GDX 660 having amazing selling rates.  This is due to the advances in their sound quality and realistic piano feel while also being sold at a relatively low price. Digital pianos usually also offer an extensive sound library making it one of the most versatile musical instruments to purchase, both for beginners and novices.

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What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano?

A digital piano is a very big investment. Whether you are buying one to learn to play from scratch or you are an experienced musician, you’re going to want the best piano possible in order to produce the best sounds. Of course, everyone’s journey to becoming a skilled pianist will vary from person to person, therefore it is important that you know what to look out for when shopping around.

  • The sensitivity of the keys – This responsiveness of the piano keys will depend on how weighted they are. While digital pianos will only imitate the sensitivity of acoustic piano keys, things such as counterbalance and a hammer effect can really help you achieve that authentic piano response. It is suggested that a beginner should have an 88 weighted keys digital piano, but again this will change depending on personal preference.
  • Sound quality – In order to achieve the best results from your digital piano, the sound quality has to be up to your standards. Typically, the more expensive the piano is, the better the sound will be. Of course, your sounds will also be affected by how advance you are which can make the whole picking of pianos a little complicated. If you are unsure how good the sound is then read reviews and opinions and go to a shop selling the digital piano you want to test it out for yourself.
  •  Polyphony – Speaking of sound, the polyphony of a digital piano will affect how great the sound is. Typically, beginner models will start at 32 notes while the more expensive pianos could have a polyphony of 200 or more notes.

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Is This Digital Piano Worth The Money?

Yamaha’s DGX-660 piano is a great digital piano for beginners. It has a range of interactive features that makes learning not only easier but also fun. Equipped with a full 88 keys and polyphony of 192, it makes the user feel like they are learning on an actual piano rather than a digital one.

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Not only is this Yamaha piano ideal for beginners but it also offers a wide range of effects which could enhance the skills of anyone interested in making music. While other digital pianos may offer a wider range of effects and voices, they do tend to sound tacky as if they were produced by a keyboard. However, this module sounds like a professional piece of equipment.

Is The Yamaha Reliable?

Yamaha is a well-established brand with connections to many different products. However, what the brand is most well known for is its revolutionary forward-thinking designs regarding musical instruments. They are widely considered masters of their crafts, producing high-quality products by sticking with traditional craftsmanship while integrating new and fresh technology into their products.

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Are There Any Key Problems With The Product?

One key issue that has arisen is the weight of the piano. While it is advertised as being portable, due to its weight and size it is probably best to leave the product in one place rather than move it around.  Weighing around 21kg with the stand that comes with the product, this isn’t the digital piano to buy if you plan on moving around a lot. This has also lead to the comment that it is not a stage piano due to the weight.

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There have also been a few comments on how the sustain pedal was a little disappointing for the price was paid. However, for the extra features that come with the piano, this can be easily overlooked.

Does It Come With Any Accessories?

The last thing you want to do after getting a piano is realise that you have nowhere to stand it or play it. This is something that Yamaha recognised and is why the piano comes with a stand that is easy to attach during set up. However, it does add extra weight so you have to decide if you’d rather a more portable digital piano or if you rather something that you can set up and leave in one place.

Yamaha also supplies a fully padded bench with this product to maximise the comfort of your playing experience. This is included in the price so may dave you money in the long run if you planned on buying a bench sperate.

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Should I Buy This Digital Piano?

That really depends what your intentions with it are. If you plan on producing your own music in a stable studio then yes this is the digital piano for you. Not only is it as good as an acoustic grand piano, but it also offers a wide range of voices and effects allowing you to explore your creativity in various ways. However, if you are a musician on the move then this may not be the one for you due to the weight and lack of portability.

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