SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4Music

Gear4Music have been around for decades now and they are very well-known for producing affordable musical instruments, especially guitars and digital pianos. Whilst there are plenty of mid-range to high-end digital pianos on the market at the moment, the complete beginner would be much better off with an affordable model. The model that we have chosen to review today is the SDP-2 Stage Piano. Please read on below to see how we felt the digital piano performed.


  • Great for beginners.
  • Comes with a sustain pedal.
  • Affordable.


  • Could benefit from more features.

The Overall Design of the SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4Music

For a fairly low end digital piano, the SDP-2 Stage Piano is actually quite impressive in terms of design. It’s pretty standard for a piano in this price range. The buttons that allow you to change the features can be found along the top of the keyboard, along with a small LCD screen. We didn’t have any trouble playing around with the different features. The only downside is that you can tell that it has been made by materials that are far lesser in quality to some of the other options. However, you can’t really expect this piano to match the standards of the giants like Casio and Yamaha.

Does It Offer A Realistic Playing Experience?

Unfortunately, you don’t really get a realistic playing experience with the SDP-2 Stage Piano. The keys don’t feel anywhere near comparable to an acoustic piano; they actually feel a little plastic. Although this is the case, all 88 keys are weighted which does go a long way in replicating the realistic feel of an acoustic piano. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a low end piano that is geared towards the beginner and what it lacks in design it certainly makes up for in features.

The Quality of the SDP-2 Stage Piano Built In Speakers

Surprisingly, we were actually quite impressed with the quality of the built in speakers of the SDP-2. We expected them to struggle a little at higher volumes and also expected a little distortion but this wasn’t the case. Even at higher volumes there wasn’t any distortion at all. Another thing that impressed us with the speakers is that there are 4 as opposed to the standard 2 that you get with most digital pianos. The SDP-2 is easily loud enough for small performances and more than loud enough for practicing in both big and small rooms.

The Connectivity Options

Although the SDP-2 Stage Piano is a budget range model, it definitely doesn’t lack in connectivity options. First off, you have your standard headphone jack. However, alongside this, there are ports for connecting your piano to an external amplifier or mixer, a MIDI port for using the piano as a MIDI controller, and a USB output. Overall, this is really impressive for a piano in this price range.

The Portability of the SDP-2 Stage Piano

As you have probably figured out by the name of this digital piano, the SDP-2 is highly portable. It is incredibly lightweight and perfect for gigging or moving around the home. It could easily be placed into a keyboard bag for transporting to and from gig venues and it is small enough to fit into tight spaces if you are low on room.

The Recording Features

There is no built in recording feature with the SDP-2 Stage Piano. However, with the MIDI output option, you are able to connect the piano to a computer with MIDI software which will enable you to record and edit your music. We tried it with several different MIDI programmes and had no problems recording and editing our music.

The SDP-2 Stage Piano Instrument Sounds

Because this is a budget range digital piano, we weren’t really expecting there to be many options in terms of instrument sounds, and we weren’t wrong, there aren’t many at all. There are 8 built-in sounds ranging from the grand piano to the vibraphone. However, as this piano is geared towards the beginner, this is plenty of sounds to start off with. Added with the fact that you are able to use MIDI software, you are actually able to edit the sounds from a computer anyway so it’s no real loss.

The Pedals

One thing that we weren’t expecting with a budget digital piano like this is a pedal. However, it is provided with a sustain pedal. Granted, it’s not the best pedal, it doesn’t feel high quality in the slightest. However, it is effective and it will work well for a beginner getting to grips with how sustain works and learning when to use it.

The Conclusion

Overall, the SDP-2 Stage piano by Gear4Music is a great option for beginners. It’s affordable, effective and has all of the basic features that you need to get started with learning how to play. We definitely recommend it to those with little to no experience.