Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

Digital pianos have undergone a huge transformation since the first product of its kind was released. Many beginners and opting to learn on a digital piano due to the weighted keys, diverse sound and array of effects allowing for a fun educational experience. Their portability and high-end speaker quality makes them a great performance instrument.

Likewise, a huge amount of music producers are choosing to buy digital pianos over acoustic pianos due to their size and functions.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black

What Features Do Digital Pianos Have?

Any kind of piano is an investment, but a digital piano is a wise investment. Whether you are a beginner or a novice, you will want to be able to achieve the best results out of your piano. This is why you need to be able to recognise what key factors to look out for in order to get the best digital piano that suits your needs.

  • Speakers – To achieve a good output sound, you must first look at the speakers. It is no good buying a digital piano with high-quality sounds if the speakers will make it sound bad. The power, quantity and size of the speakers are all things you need to consider. Of course, the greater the speaker size, the heavier the piano will be.
  • Portability – Speaking of weight, if you plan on moving around on tours etc with your piano then you need to look at the weight of your piano. If you want a piano only for home use then this may not be too big of an issue. There are four main types of piano when talking about portability
    • Vertical – Look like acoustic pianos with the speaker in the stand’s case
    • Contemporary – Look less like a piano and more like a standard keyboard
    • Portable – Easy to carry and prove stronger sounds
    • Stage – Much like the portable piano but are designed specifically for professional performers with louder sound and easier portability.
  • Sensitivity and response of keys – The weight of the keys affect how responsive they are. To achieve a realistic sensitivity, look for a digital piano with a counterbalance or hammer effect that has a full 88 keys. This will make your piano feel more acoustic-like while also having all the bonuses or a digital piano.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black

Is This Digital Piano Worth The Payout?

Kawai has pulled out all the stops to make their ES-100 digital piano perform to the standards of an acoustic piano. With a full 88 keys and advanced hammer effect action playing this piano is like playing a real piano for an exceptionally lower price than others of the same standard.

The piano is marketed as a portable stage piano, and Kawai has not failed to deliver. As discussed, what makes a stage piano is it’s performing ability. With 7 watt integrated speakers on both sides, the piano is able to produce a clear and loud sound in any environment. The keyboard itself is kept simple with spaced buttons and a sliding volume control making this piano easy to understand and use while performing.

The whole piano is very lightweight coming in at only 15kg, making it easily portable and the ideal weight to take on tour if you are a professional musician.

With a 192 note polyphony and 19 sounds (including 8 noteworthy piano sounds), this digital piano gives a phenomenal sound performance. This accompanied by the built-in piano lessons, any beginner can maximise the piano’s potential while becoming a well-rounded piano player at the same time.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black

Is Kawai Reliable?

Kawai is one of the most well known and largest companies in terms of musical instruments in the world. Not only do they offer digital pianos but also acoustic and professional keyboards so they have a clear understanding of piano functions and how best to maximise its quality.  This comes through in their ES-100 digital piano as it does in every other product they manufacture, creating a professionally functioning line of musical instruments.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black

Does The Product Come With Any Accessories?

Kawai supplies this digital piano with a double braced keyboard stand that is able to securely support the weight of the piano and making for an easy setup. It also comes with an adjustable bench for extra comfort while playing.

As with any piano, it is important that the product does not get damaged as they can be expensive to replace.  The manufacturers decided to supply a specialised gig bag that will protect the piano while on tour. However, in case the piano does get damaged or breaks then Kawai offer a five-year warranty that you can sign up for upon purchase.

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Any Common Issues?

Due to Kawai keeping the display of the keyboard simple, many functions and features are hidden away in a digital menu that can be difficult to navigate. However, once these features are found then they are very high quality and fun to use.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black

Is This Digital Piano For Me?

This digital piano offers features that would suit both a beginner and a novice. Seeing as it is marketed as a portable stage piano, you can see how Kawai considered it more of a professional instrument while designing it. From the duel speakers to the simplicity fo the keyboard.

However, they have made sure to accommodate for the beginner musician as well by building in lessons and giving a full set of keys in order for them to learn this intricate instrument to a professional level.

Kawai ES-100 Digital Portable Stage Piano in Black
  • Advanced Hammer Action IV-F (AHA IV-F) Keybaord with 88 weighted keys with Harmonic Imaging (HI), 88-key piano sampling
  • Including Chase CKS-52 Double Braced Keyboard Stand & Adjustbale Keyboard Bench
  • Including Keyboard Gig Bag CKB-0360 And Digital Stereo Headphones Chase CH-20
  • Including Chase Tutor Package with CD & DVD + Exercise Booklet
  • Call 0161 244 55 55 for delivery enquiries.