Casio CDP130 Digital Keyboard

A digital piano has all the benefits of an acoustic piano while eliminating the weight and tendency to break. Due to advances in technology and the digital piano’s innovative design, they are able to replicate the original piano’s sound and weighted key feel without costing too much, making it a great instrument to learn and make music with. You are able to record and create using an extensive sound library making this instrument stand out.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black

What To Look For When Buying A Digital Piano?

No matter if this is your first digital piano or your fifth, there is still a lot of information that is thrown at you while you are shopping around for one. Some may rush to buy one as they just can’t wait to get playing, however it is important to see if the piano you are considering is the right one for you.

  • Weighted keys – Acoustic piano keys have a distinct weight to them that makes them responsive to touch. If you are after a digital piano that has an acoustic feel, then the weighed action you want to look for is a hammer action. This is achieved by the keyboard by weighted leverage which in turn adds extra resistance to the keys thus making them feel more realistic.
  • Sound library – The number of sounds your digital piano has depends on the brand and the price. Typically, the higher the price, the more sounds are available. Entry-level pianos will usually offer between 5 and 20 different sounds so beginners can get used to actually playing the piano rather than messing around with the sounds.
  • Recording – One of the main reasons that digital pianos are rising in popularity is because they are easier for the home musician to record with due to various recording methods:
    • 3/4″ jack – This is the most common audio connection as it is the one that industries favour.
    • 1/4″ jack (35mm jack) – This is mostly used for headphones or external sound sources e.g. smartphones.
    • MIDI –  This connection is a very versatile one as it allows you to edit your performance after and because it is widely used it works with most editing software.
    • XLR – A typical microphone connection.
    • USB – This is the most commonly used connection and allows you to connect to your computer or flash drive
    • Bluetooth – Some high-tech digital pianos will allow you to Bluetooth MIDI rather than having to use an actual cable.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black

What Does This Piano Give Me?

Casio’s CDP-130BKC5 digital piano is a 88 keyed piano that provides you with a realistic piano sound. However, if this sound doesn’t suit you then it offers 10 top-quality tones. With a springless hammer system (directly influenced by the same system used by grand pianos), the resistance all 88 keys feel natural and realistic.

In terms of recording and outputs, the piano is equipped with a duel line out and headphone jack allowing you to either play your music out loud or listen to it through headphones. It also comes with a USB type B terminal allowing you to connect to a computer and record your performance directly onto your software. While the piano does not come with a MIDI, it is compatible with one so it is recommended that you buy a MIDI controller in order to get the best recording experience.

A lightweight design (10.8kg) makes it portable and easy to pay in any location as long as you have a stand compatible. It is compact therefore made for living spaces, meaning that you have no excuse to not start learning to play the piano.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black

More About Casio As A Brand?

Casio is a leader in the musical instrument manufacturing game, running alongside big name brands such as Yamaha. Where Yamaha focuses on producing professional quality instruments, Casio has made it their mission to provide digital pianos for every type of musician. This has allowed them to produce a high-quality line of digital pianos as this has been their prime focus, a quality that has been passed onto their CDP-130BKC5 model.

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Any Common Issues?

While the piano does come with a headphone output, you will need to purchase an adaptor if yours do not connect properly, which is most. This can be a bit of a pain but you will achieve the best results while using headphones. The other problem with this output is that is is a duel output that is paired with a line out. This means that it is not suitable as a stage piano as the headphones cut off the speakers not allowing you to play out loud and listen closely to your performance at the same time.

Another issue is that after a while, the sensitivity of the keys starts to wear down making it difficult to play more advanced songs. This, therefore, highlights its suitability for beginner pianists as its 88 keys allow you to get accustomed to moving around a full-scale keyboard and the limitations do not affect this.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black

Does This Piano Come With Accessories?

Unlike other products, this piano does not come with a stand. However, an official stand that fits the keyboard perfectly is available to buy from the companies website.

On the other hand, the piano does come with a damper pedal but it is recommended that if you wish to professionally play this piano then you should purchase a separate pedal.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black

Should I Buy This Product?

This particular model is more suited for a beginner musician. With limited sounds functions and few output variables, its main focus is to make a person learn how to play and get used to a full-scale piano. Due to the lack of stand and questionable damper pedal, Casio forces you to take your playing seriously by making you purchase these accessories for maximum playing experience.

For those of you who are more advanced, this is not the digital piano for you. However, this is only one model in Casio’s digital piano range. We recommend that you look more into their other models to find the perfect piano for you.

Casio CDP-130BKC5 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Touch Response Keys - Black
  • 88-key, scaled hammer action keyboard with 10 high quality tones
  • Digital effects: hall (1 type), reverb (10 types), chorus (5 types)
  • A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos provides a keyboard touch that is naturally firm.
  • Usb type b terminal, standard stereo headphone jack and standard damper jack and power(battery type/adapter type) is AC adaptor AD-A12150LW
  • An optional piano stand cs-44p is available to buy separately to configure the keyboard for lessons and serious piano play