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The Best Digital Piano for the Advanced Pianist – Our Top 3

As any advanced pianist will know; having the right equipment makes the world of difference. Of course, if you know how to play well then you will be able to play a tune on any digital piano. However, if you want the piano to do your skills justice then it is important that you invest in a top end model.

Even those who are highly knowledgeable in digital pianos will find it a bit of a challenge to choose a model that is right for them. This won’t come as a surprise when you consider the sheer amount of models on the market right now.

However, we are here to make your decision easier. We have tested and reviewed some of the best digital pianos available online right now. Below you will find a countdown of 3 of what we think are a good contender for the best digital piano for the advanced pianist. Read on below for more information.

1. Gear4Music DP-6 Digital Piano Review – The Best Choice

Features: 88 Keys – 64 Note Polyphony – Weighted Keys – Hammer Action Keys – 16 Voices – 8 Demo Songs – Track Recording – MIDI – USB – Reverb – Chorus – Accessories – 139cm x 78cm x 42cm – 35kg


  • Beautiful elegantly designed digital piano.
  • There are a lot of connectivity options including USB and mixers.
  • Incredibly high sound quality on all 16 voices. 
  • Weighted hammer action keys for a realistic piano playing experience.
  • Comes with a fantastic accessories pack.


  • The headphones that are provided aren’t that great in terms of quality.
  • There is no lid or cover provided to protect the keys.

The Gear4Music DP-6 Digital Piano Review

The number 1 spot on our list of the best digital piano for the advanced pianist is the Gear4Music DP-6 Digital Piano. Gear4Music has a fantastic reputation for affordable musical instruments and we have never been disappointed by them in the past, so we were not surprised to find that we were incredibly satisfied with this model.

First of all, we’re going to take a quick look at the design of this one. A quick look at it and it was clear to see that it was beautiful and very elegantly designed. Once we had set up all of the accessories we were ready to test it out properly. First of all, we wanted to take a look at the different sounds and voices.

The DP-6 Digital Piano has 64 notes of polyphony, along with 16 voices and 8 demo tracks. We tested out all of them and were very impressed with the sound; it was crystal clear with no distortion at all, even at higher volumes. We went on to test out the grand piano feature.

We have to say that this is where the DP-6 really excels. With this digital piano, you get weighted hammer action keys which provide an incredibly realistic piano playing experience which is perfect for the advanced pianist. Something else that really impressed us with this digital piano is the amount of connectivity options.

There are numerous options to connect mixers and also USB connectivity so that you can use MIDI software on your laptop or computer. Something that we really liked about this piano from Gear4Music is the accessories pack that you get with it.

You are provided with a number of accessories including headphones, a stool and much more. The only thing that we didn’t really like was the quality of the headphones as they don’t seem to match the high quality of the piano itself. We were also a little disappointed that there was no cover or lid to protect the keys.

Aside from the few issues with the accessories provided, we were incredibly impressed with the Gear4Music DP-6 Digital Piano and we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to the advanced pianist.

2. Gear4Music DP-10X Digital Piano Review

Features: 88 Keys – 64 Note Polyphony – Weighted Keys – Hammer Action Keys – 24 Voices – 24 Demo Songs – Track Recording – MIDI – USB – Reverb – Chorus – No Accessories – 181cm x 138cm x 42cm – 44kg


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Really nice sturdy design.
  • Weight hammer action keys for a realistic piano playing experience.
  • 24 demo songs to play along with.
  • Plenty of connectivity options.


  • No accessories are provided.
  • The polyphonic notes sometimes lag a little.

The Gear4Music DP-10X Digital Piano Review

Having already been very impressed with the previous Gear4Music Digital Piano that we tested, we were sure that we were going to be equally as impressed with this model which is higher up in the range. First of all, we had to start putting together the different components before we could test out the DP-10X.

Fortunately, we were happy to find that the piano itself was really easy to put together. It took us around an hour and then we were ready to get testing it. Like the DP-6, the DP-10X has plenty of connectivity options. You can connect to your laptop via USB to use MIDI software and you can also connect to external mixers to make your own tracks.

The entire piano is built to be very sturdy and we could certainly tell that the materials used were of a very high quality. Once we had taken a good look at the design, it was time for us to start testing it out. The first thing that we wanted to test out properly was the keys.

With 88 weighted hammer action keys, you really do get an incredibly realistic piano playing experience. We tested out the notes of polyphony. Whilst we were impressed with the previous model, we found that the notes on the DP-10X had the tendency to lag on the odd occasion which was a little frustrating although it didn’t cause any problems when playing.

One thing that we did really like about this digital piano is that it has 24 different demo songs that vary in complexity. We felt that this was a great feature for learning new pieces; even for those who are more advanced. We also liked the inclusion of the sustain pedal which was essential for advanced playing.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any accessories with the Gear4Music DP-10X Digital Piano, but you can buy a package deal where you will get the stool and numerous other accessories. For the most part we were really impressed with this one and definitely felt that it offered good value for money.

3. Alesis Recital PRO Digital Piano Review

Features: 88 Keys – 128 Note Polyphony – Hammer Action Keys – 12 Voices – 10 Demo Songs – Track Recording – MIDI – USB – Reverb – Chorus – No Accessories – 14 x 35.1 x 131.1 cm – 14.8kg


  • Nice lightweight design makes this digital piano perfect for live performances.
  • It has adjustable touch sensitivity – the harder you play the note the louder it becomes.
  • Layer mode is great for creating different sounds using two voices at the same time.
  • It can be powered by batteries for live performances.


  • The keys don’t feel as natural as some of the more expensive models.
  • Only one track can be stored on the piano at a time.

The Alesis Recital PRO Digital Piano Review

The last entry on our list of the best digital pianos for the advanced pianist goes to the Alesis Recital PRO Digital Piano. We chose to test this model out because we wanted to include something that was portable enough for live performances and this was the best piano out of all of those that we tested.

At first glance, we were initially a little concerned that the piano would feel cheap compared to the other two on the list, but fortunately this was not the case at all. We were really impressed with the quality of the piano. Something that really impressed us with this model is how lightweight it is. It is perfect for performing live.

After beginning our tests, there were a number of features that really stood out for us. First of all, there is the adjustable touch sensitivity. With this, you are able to control how loud or quiet the notes are played by how hard you play them. This essentially eliminates the need for a sustain pedal.

The keys definitely don’t feel as natural as the two other digital pianos on our list, but they are still weighted and hammer action. Something else that we really liked about the Alesis Recital PRO Digital Piano is the layer feature. With this, you can play two different voices at one time which is great for creating your own tracks.

You are able to record your own tracks, but it is important to note that you can only record and store one track at a time. If you want to record a new one then the old file will have to be overwritten which is a little frustrating. However, we do like that you are able to power the piano with batteries which is ideal for performing live.

We hope that after reading our reviews you are now in a much better position to choose the perfect digital piano for your needs. All three of the options mentioned above are definitely worth considering.